Daniel Badger
Photography had been taught to me by my father, a professional photographer in Germany (RAF), London and Mid-Wales for over 40 years. He took me under his wing, showed me the basics and spoke of F-stops, depth of field and darkroom exposure times until the blank look of my face disappeared.

I hope I have culminated the advice and experience from my dad, and with my graphic design training, more importantly the science of composition and what the minds eye likes to look at, into a visual artist capable of producing images that my clients like, I like to show clients and more importantly, they like to show the rest of the world.

 The sense of satisfaction from hitting the bullseye and making my clients happy has always been the most rewarding part of the job. Closely followed by payment of course, I'd be a fool not to say that.
I feel proud with the work I have done and have it displayed publicly either in shop windows, on websites, on facebook as posts or even just in peoples houses on their walls makes me just want to do the job more! Have a look at my work, and please get in contact if you think you want me to work for you. Many thanks, dx.